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Taylor’s Twist Hornpipe

Version 2. Correction to bar 5. Loosely transcribed from the Dubliners recording below to 1m  24sec.

Taylors Twist Hornpipe


144 chords for Mandolin & Tenor Banjo

Chord sheet full Jan 2013

Smash The Windows JIG

An unusual arrangement with a 16 bar second part. I like the playing of “flutetraversiere” band who’s Video I’ve used as an example

Smash The Windows JIG

Audio Tutorial to go here

The Bridal JIg


Bridal JigData


Tutorial To go here


” A Man Is In Love” -with Instrumental Break & “Calliope House”

A Man Is In Love - Full Score
VERSION 2. Change to intro Part B. Added Standard Notation

Calliope House key F

Calliope house F Notation

More mandolin/Tenor Banjo Chords chords

I am compiling a collection of more complex mandolin chords, here is the third update.

I have worked them out from Piano chords I know so they may not be classic fingering.

I will post more of these soon.

Version 3 31st July 2012

When I’m Dead And Gone

A 1970 song recorded with on Mandolin,Acoustic, Bass and Drums(With Kazoo and Slide Dobro Guitar lead break)

from McGuiness Flint  who’s line up included Gallagher & Lyle

Mandolin & Tenor Banjo Chords

Here I’ve compiled the simplest inversions of most of  the chords for mandolin and Tenor banjo. The shapes also relate to the fiddle.

There are four or five inversions for most chords on the Mandolin, these are the one’s I use.

Chord sheet full Jan 2013

About this blog

After 30 years playing rhythm guitar and singing in folk/rock/pub bands I’ve decided to learn how to play some of the Jigs,reels, hornpipes and other tunes that the band has played over that time. I have always been blown away by how the various brilliant musicians I have played with over the years have been able to remember the tunes never mind playing them.

I will video and document all the tunes/chords  I learn in slow time and place them here, mostly to remind me how to play them.

I am learning the tunes on mandolin (Tuned GDAE) , 5 string Banjo (gDGBD) and tenor banjo (GDAE).

First off here is a template to note new chords onto and a TAB sheet template

blank chord grids


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